ECOPRO120TI Heat Pump


  • Advanced Aerodynamic Fan Blade with Low RPM Motor
  • Proven Copeland Scroll Technology with Wrap Design
  • Exclusive “Vexed” Commercial Grade Titanium Design
  • Expert Engineering with Oversized Evaporator Coil and Unparalleled Fin Technology for More Heat
  • AHRI Certified for Performance and Efficiency
  • Member’s Only Warranty Protection Option to Keep your Unit Protected for Up To 3 Years
  • Premium Member Services Support Hotline

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Heat Exchanger Construction: Vexed Titanium
Temperature Control: Digital
Sound Level Decibels: 58 dB
Remote Capability: 2 & 3 Wire
Voltage Required:  230/208V
Operating Current: 26 Amps
Recommended Circuit Breaker: 50 Amps
Maximum Circuit Breaker: 60 Amps
Refrigerant: R410A
Minimum Water Flow Rate: 25 GPM
Maximum Water Flow Rate: 80 GPM
Unit Dimensions (W x D x H): 35″ x 35″ x 39″
Shipping Weight: 315 lb


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Performance Testing Results *(80°F air, 80°F water, 80% RH)
COP = 5.6
BTU/hr = 115,000

Performance Testing Results **(80°F air, 80°F water, 63% RH)
COP = 5.4
BTU/hr = 106,000

Performance Testing Results **(50°F air, 80°F water, 63% RH)
COP = 4.0
BTU/hr = 74,000

*Ratings outside scope of ARI1160
**Ratings in accordance with ARI1160



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